How loud is it really?

Providing more than conventional volume apps: dBEL.TooLoud? calculates a noise forecast at any location. The measurements are evaluated on the basis of the legal limit values and thus provide a fact-based assessment of the volume.

For example, calculating the volume at the neighbor’s location can be helpful, or forecasting can help with the orientation of concert stages.

This is how it works

Avoid noise with a smartphone app

Anyone can use dBEL.TooLoud? to carry out volume measurements. The smartphone acts as a measuring microphone in this context. In the app, the measurement data is clearly prepared and compared with the legal guideline values. This gives you a fact-based noise assessment for the place where a possible nuisance is anticipated – in a scientific, quick, and targeted way.

Professional noise forecasting

Users can select any forecast location on an online map, supported by GPS.

Instructions through the app

The app guides its users to the ideal location for volume measurement, while also monitoring quality.

Recognized methodology

Sound propagation is calculated on the basis of the internationally recognized ISO 9613-2 method.

Limit value analysis

The volume measurement checks whether the sound conflicts with legal limits.

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dBEL.TooLoud? is available now for all Apple users in the iOS App Store. We are currently working on an Android version.

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