The platform for acoustic planning and measurement

As a virtual acoustic consultant, dBEL makes the expert knowledge of specialist planners accessible to everyone. With the professional application dBEL.Architect, architects use scientifically based sound forecasts to design the acoustics of their project in a positive way.

The platform for acoustic planning and measurement

To prevent sound turning into noise

dBEL offers practical tools that help to create a pleasant acoustic environment. They are brought together on one platform so that users can find the right application for their situation. Our aim: a scientifically based, user-friendly, fast, and easy path to acoustic calculations.

This is what quality of life sounds like

In everyday life, at home, in the office, in public spaces – we experience noise everywhere. Specialist planners are often brought In to transform this into pleasant acoustics. We believe that everyone benefits when we open up our expert knowledge to all via practical tools.

That is dBEL.

Developed with and for architectural offices

These architecture professionals already rely on dBEL.Architect:

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