Privacy Policy – dBEL Too.Loud


Data Protection Declaration for the “dBEL Too.Loud?” App

Safeguarding your privacy is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we adhere to the legal regulations of European and German data protection law in all data processing operations (e.g., collection, processing, and transmission).

The following declaration provides an overview of the app’s functionality and the permissions obtained through the web application “dBEL Too.Loud?” (hereinafter referred to as the “App”).

  • Who is your contact person (Data Controller) for your data protection concerns?

The Data Controller for all data processing processes in accordance with data protection regulations is:

dBEL GmbH + Co. KG Max-Planck-Str. 1597204 Höchberg Telephone: +49 931 49708-0 E-mail:

In accordance with legal requirements, we have appointed a Data Protection Officer. You can contact them at:

Please direct inquiries regarding data protection to the aforementioned address.

  • Function of the App

The App enables the measurement of sound levels and the determination of noise levels at freely chosen locations. Based on different occasions, such as parties or concerts, it can be determined whether the corresponding noises exceed predefined threshold values, independent of their origin. The App calculates a noise forecast for any given location. The results are evaluated based on legal limits, thus providing a reliable indication of how to assess the volume. Anyone can perform sound level measurements using the App. The mobile device used acts as a measuring microphone. In the App, the measurement data is presented in a clear manner and compared with legal reference values. This calculates an estimate of noise for a specific location.

  • What data is collected and stored during use?
    • Download and Installation of the dBEL Too.Loud? App

To use the App on your iOS device (e.g., iPhone, iPod, or iPad), it is necessary to download the App from the Apple App Store (via iTunes on a Mac) and install it on your device. For this purpose, you must log in to your Apple user account in the App Store using your Apple ID (usually your email address) and password.

Information and data may be collected and processed by Apple through the App Store. Information about the purpose and scope of data collection and about the further processing and use of your data by Apple can be found in Apple’s privacy policy. This is available online at There, you will also find information about privacy settings and your further rights regarding the collection, processing, and use of your data by Apple. Additional information about using the App Store and iTunes and other online services of Apple can be found in Apple’s terms of use, available online at

  • Access Permissions of the dBEL Too.Loud? App to Device Data

When using the App, no personally identifiable data such as your name, address, telephone number, or IP address is collected or stored. Only the following technical data is processed:

Location data (temporary)

Audio data (temporary): However, these are transformed so that no sound recordings are saved. Additionally, the data cannot be transformed back into sound recordings.

For this purpose, your consent for the use of the microphone and your location is obtained during app installation through a permission request. If you do not grant permission for accessing these functions of your device, the App cannot be used.

These technical data are processed only locally within the App. They are neither stored within the App for an extended period nor transmitted to dBEL servers.

The temporary storage of location and audio data by the system is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the contract.

The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected. This occurs when the App is closed.

  • Information about Required Permissions

The data you provide is used for app usage so that a noise forecast for the target location can be calculated based on your location and the sound level measured between a specific source and destination point at that location.

Permission to use your microphone and your location is required for the following reasons:

Audio data is collected using your microphone. The mobile device used acts as a measuring microphone. As such, audio data required for measuring sound levels is collected. As the content of the audio data is not important, but rather the sound level, the audio data is converted in such a way that no sound recordings are stored. Furthermore, it is not possible to transform the data back into sound recordings.

The use of location data is solely necessary to indicate the suitable location for calculating the noise forecast on your mobile device. Given that you must not be too close to the sound source and must also be within a specified corridor between the sound source and destination, the use of location data is necessary. The location must be captured as accurately as possible. A precise location capture is the only way to retrace a measurement point back to the sound source location.

Your data will not be shared or otherwise transmitted to third parties.

  • Changes to this Notice

We reserve the right to amend this notice without prior announcement and as required. Please check this page regularly for any potential changes.